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Our winter programs run once a week for 10 weeks starting in early January and run for 10 consecutive weeks. Most of our programs are 1 hour sessions and are either based out of Burnaby Winter Club or Planet Ice. Registration opens up in early November. We have many clinics such as Shooting & Puck Control, Power Skating and Checking & Battle Camps. These are great development session that complement you in season team training. We offer a few different times for each program that helps work around you Minor Hockey Schedule. Please scroll down for our programs.

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3 on 3 Xmas Tournament

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Battle & Compete

The Battle and Compete Clinic is structured to give players greater confidence and strength while competing for the hockey puck. Each session consists of drills that replicate several game components where players need to compete and battle for the puck. Our coaches will provide constructive feedback to ensure that players on both sides of the puck understand their responsibilities and are engaging in each drill. This is a great program for kids that want to have more puck time, as well as learn how to become a more competitive player on the ice.

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Dekes & Dangles

The Dekes & Dangles Clinic is our newest development program. Players are challenged to execute lateral moves, change of speed, creativity, and to develop greater confidence with the puck on their hockey stick. This clinic is going to help players create more offensive plays and benefit players in games by having the puck on their stick around the net more often. We will spend a great deal of time teaching skills such as skating at full speed with the puck, attacking defenders, and understanding how to evade a check, protect the puck, or execute moves.

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Shooters & Scorers

The Shooters & Scorers Clinic is designed to give players greater confidence and improved skill regarding their shooting ability and puck handling. Our experienced instructors will introduce challenging new drills each week. The ice will be divided into 3 stations, each geared toward different shots and skill components. Players will rotate stations every 20 minutes. Individual and general group feedback will be offered consistently to allow the player to correct improper technique, and will be combined with positive reinforcement for a job well done. Our goal is to help players improve their skill set in a fun and positive environment.

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Winter Rascals Learn To Play Hockey

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